Vision and Mission

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To become a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality medical gloves with superior safety and protection reliability.

Our Vision is to emerge as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the offered product and exceed every requirement placed by our esteemed clients in an ethical manner.

And the Mission path we take shall be …

Mission And Vision

To apply the healthcare industry best practices and technology to manufacture products of superior standards, employing a well trained and motivated workforce and collaborating with vendors who share our business philosophy, bearing in mind our focus on providing a safe workplace, preserving our environment and optimizing our financial returns to investors.

We shall apply the following core values and concepts in our business operation and transactions:

  • • Trust and integrity with our vendors and customers.
  • • Apply cost effective technology to stay competitive.
  • • Adopt an open approach to the best practice in glove manufacturing.
  • • Faith in people potential given the opportunity and respect to excel.
  • • Success is the reward of hard work, patience and humility.
  • • Goodwill is a producer of prosperity.